If Facebook is not working properly on Google Chrome : How to solve it?

This is a common problem with Google Chrome users. Sometimes when I try to run facebook on Google Chrome, it does not load correctly. Only a cached page appears and nothing is displayed in its original position. Sometimes I do not see comments or likes against posts.
only the posts appear and Likes and comments disappeared. Sometimes the comment box or Like button does not work. I press Like button for million times, but it does not show up. Facebook simply goes out of control. This is simply irritating. I have some simple steps to solve such problems with clearing the browser cache. If Facebook is not working properly on Google Chrome, such as the messenger is not working, you can not post or comment on status', or if you cannot get into your inbox,follow these simple steps and it should certainly fix your problem.
1. Click on the wrench on the top right corner of your browser (after the address bar. You may see it as three parralel lines also).
2. Click Settings. 
3. Scroll below and click on 'Show advanced settings' link.
4. Under Privacy, Click on 'Clear Browser Data'.
5. Select 'the beginning of time' and Clear Browsing data. Check all the options given there. This will clear all your browsing history and cookies from the beginning of time you are using Google Chrome.
6. Now Close the tab and Open Facebook. log into your facebook account. Now it should work properly. See it yourself. 

If you are using older version of Goolge chrome browser, them you should follow these steps:
1. Click on the wrench on the top right corner.
2. Click on Options.
3. Click Under The Hood on the left sidebar.
4. Click Clear Browsing Data
5. Choose "Beginning Of Time" and make sure to check "Empty The Cache" and "Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data". Then click Clear Browsing Data. This will troubleshoot your problem.
If you are using Mozila Firefox and getting problem in browsing facebook, then you have a solution here. When you see the green task bar above and nothing is displayed in firefox, then just Zoom in and Zoom out will solve the problem. Simply Zoom in and Zoom out your browser until you have facebook displayed properly. To do so Press Ctrl and hit + to Zoom in and Ctrl and - to Zoom out your browser. Try it. This should solve the problem. Enjoy facebooking.